Municipal Lien Searches

Your title report only covers recorded liens. Order a Municipal Lien Search from Clear Choice and protect the home buyer from unrecorded municipal liens.

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service has established itself as a real estate industry leader in the field of Municipal Lien Searches. Our unique approach of combining the latest technology, knowledgeable staff, and a profound desire to make your municipal lien search experience as smooth as possible, guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Make sure you get a municipal property lien check before you close on a property.

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HOA Estoppel Letters

If the property is covered by one or more Homeowner Associations you need an HOA Estoppel letter to close. Protect your client and Your business by discovering all the municipal and HOA debts on a property before closing.

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service takes pride in delivering fast and accurate lien searches for residential and commercial real estate for the entire state of Florida, while providing superb customer service and unparalleled attention to every detail.

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  • You have no idea how much I love you guys. You are the Best!! Thanks

    Maxine D. Cheesman, Esq
    Law Office of Maxine D. Cheesman, P.A.

  • Seriously they are the BEST!

    Mark A Perry, PA

  • I have been working with Clear Choice for the past 10 years and there isn’t another lien search company that goes above and beyond the way they do. I have ordered one day and had a closing within a few days and somehow Clear Choice pulls it off and gets me my lien searches for exactly when I need them. They are PHENOMINAL. If you want quality service and great customer service and quick turnaround times, you may want to try Clear Choice before any other competitor. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!!!

    Jennifer Burke, Owner – Couture Title and Escrow LLC
  • We’ve been using Clear Choice for several years now and have always had a wonderful experience. The staff is helpful and friendly and always ready to answer any questions for me and my team. With 14 years of experience in the title business, I put my trust in Clear choice to service my clients and to represent and retain my company’s quality reputation.

    Amy S.
    Allerion Title

  • Our office uses Clear Choice Tax & Lien Services. They not only give great prices but also the best service. And if I ever need a rush on a file, I just pick up the phone call/text/email my fantastic rep and he takes care of it. I have to tell you my processor who orders all of this stuff was resistant in the beginning. But now you are her favorite!!!!! Thank you for all that you do……….

    Carrie F.
    Deerfield Beach, FL

  • We LOVE Clear Choice!  Al, I am so glad you talked us into trying the estoppel service too. We would never go back to ordering our own
    again. Thank you, Thank you.

    Debbie S.
    West Palm Beach, FL

The Final Piece of Your Closing Puzzle

Your Title Search Will Not Discover These Municipal Property Debts.

How Do I Place an Order?

You can either call us at 954-597-7141 or Register Online at… Place Your Order >>

Can I order an Estoppel Letter without a lien search?

Ordering both a lien search and estoppel is recommended for all properties… Learn more >>

What is your turnaround time?

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service, Inc. uses every means available to expedite… Learn more >>

What are your fees?

The base search fee for a lien search is… Learn more >>

What is an Estoppel Letter?

Homeowner’s Associations have the power to foreclose on a property for… Learn more >>

What is a Municipal Lien Search?

A Municipal Lien Search is a search of municipal records for unrecorded… Learn more >>