HOA Estoppel Letters

Another necessity to insure a clean transfer of ownership when purchasing a property is an HOA Estoppel Letter also known as “Estoppel Certificate” from the homeowners association before closing. These findings, which pertain to the subject property and the association as a whole, alert the closing agent as to any special assessments, insurance contact information, association approval requirements, and outstanding balances. Fees may be due before closing for past due assessments, legal fees, & fines for violations through the association, etc.

In order for us to research and obtain an estoppel letter from the association, we will need for you to provide necessary contact information. Clear Choice Tax & Lien can locate the association for an additional fee if the information is unavailable.  Any additional information can be placed in the order to assist us in the search. Please note, if there are multiple associations that pertain to a specific property, please be sure to provide them all for a complete certification.

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service has become adept at acquiring this time consuming information in the fastest means possible. Our database of estoppel providers allows us to deliver the reports to the correct party the first time. This saves you both time and money. Trust your estoppel searches to the experts, and get back to what you do best. Order your HOA Estoppel research report today!