Pricing and Payment

All Fees are Per Lien
For Example:  Mortgage Payoff,  Mechanic’s Lien, Judgments, etc. are all separate liens.

Lien Release Tracking Services:

$35 Per Lien Payable Upon Invoice

Title Curative Services:

Pricing will be calculated from the date the lien was Paid off.

Liens paid off within the last nine (9) years the fee is $ 190.00 + recording costs.

For liens paid off 10 or more years ago our fee is $270.00 + recording costs. 

For Title Curative Services, you pay nothing unless we can successfully obtain the document needed to clear the lien. Once we have obtained the needed document, we will invoice you by email.

How to Place Your Order

Orders can be placed online at:

The Minimum information required to place an order is identified on the order entry page.  If there are copies of the recorded lien, proof of payment, or other related documentation, please attach them to your order.

By phone: 954-597-7141