Is Clearing Old Liens from Title Reducing Your Efficiency?

How Many Hours a Month/Year do you Spend on Due Diligence Documenting Lien Releases?
How Often do you Find that a Real Estate Closing is Delayed Because Liens Have Not been Cleared?

Lien Release Tracking

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service now offers Lien Release Tracking and Title Curative Services.

By using the title clearing experts at Lien Sweeper™ and their extensive network of lien holder contacts, we will rapidly obtain the documents needed to clear liens from title.

Clear Choice Tax & Lien
Title Clearing Services include:

  • Lien Release Tracking
  • Title Curative Services

Our Lien Release Tracking and Title Curative Services are available for ANY lien or encumbrance attached to a Florida commercial or residential property including:

  • Mortgage Payoff
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • All Municipal Liens
  • Water, Tax & Sewer Liens

  • Judgments
  • Child Support Liens
  • UCC Financing Statement
  • Private Mortgages
  • Federal Tax Liens







Whether you are the settlement agent that closed the original transaction or the title agent seeking to process a new transaction, you want to minimize the time and cost to clear this work from your desk. Don’t settle for services that can Only clear Mortgage liens when we offer lien release tracking and title curative services for 10 types of liens!

Lien Release Tracking

With our Lien Release service, Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service can ensure that the liens you paid off at closing are correctly released on the land records.

Retaining our service is fast and efficient. Simply instruct the paid off lien holder to forward the original discharge/ release to us at:  

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service
7501 Wiles Road, Suite 206
Coral Springs FL 33067

Then complete our online order form. Once we’ve  received the order, we will follow up with the lien holder, obtain the discharge, confirm the discharge is accurate and have it recorded in the appropriate land records.  

Title Curative Services

If an aged lien has been paid off but not recorded properly new transactions on that property cannot close.    Pursuing releases on these liens can be a time-consuming and daunting process.    Fortunately, we have the solution and will take on that burden on your behalf.

Our Title Curative Services will ensure that the payoff gets recorded properly and we will provide you with the proof of that payoff.    We only collect our fee if we are successful in obtaining the document needed to clear title (recording fees will be included on our invoice).

By utilizing Clear Choice’s Title Curative Service, you can focus on revenue-producing work thereby adding profitability to the Title Company while we do the work behind the scenes to research and cure problem files quickly and efficiently.

Our 24/7 Client Portal makes ordering fast and affordable.  Why waste hours to resolve a problem that we can remedy quickly and with a one-time fixed cost.

Orders can Be Placed online at:

Lien Sweeper™ is a service marketed by Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service.  Lien Sweeper is owned by a third-party vendor.