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Land surveys

Confirm the boundary lines of a piece of real estate, including improvements and encroachments.

What is a Land Survey?

What is a land survey?

A Land Survey is frequently used by title and mortgage companies to establish the buildings and improvements that are located on your land. This can include a house, as well as items like fences, pools, sheds or detached garages.

These Surveys will also identify if your property is encroaching on a neighboring property, or if a neighboring property is encroaching on yours.

Other types of surveys include vacant land (topographical) & commercial property surveys (ALTA). 


Why You should order a land survey?

Ordering all the necessary due diligence searches needed for a closing takes precious time. Often, you need to replicate the same requests in numerous ordering platforms.

Clear Choice is making the process that much easier with our Trusted Partner Survey System. Partnering with the industry leaders in land surveys, with a signing surveyor on staff to expedite your turnarounds.

Now you can place your Survey Order at the same time as the Municipal Lien Search and Estoppel. Centralizing the ordering process at one location allows you a one stop 24/7 portal to complete your closing transaction easily and helps you hit your closing dates every time. 

Land Surveys by Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service

Why Clear Choice

Owned and operated by its founder since 2004, Clear Choice is widely recognized as the most responsive lien search company. Partnering with your team to clear title, we provide quick turnarounds, with accurate, easy to read land survey reports.

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“Clear Choice is our go to for all things tax and lien related. They offer exceptional service, timely response, and are always there when you need them whether it’s on a property they are working on or not.”

Leandro Figuereo, Performance Title, Inc.

“Jason, Christine and Danny ARE THE BEST
We have used them for many many years, they are fast and accurate in their product. I would highly recommend them. You can certainly trust them to take care of your deals!”

Kevin Tacher, Independence Title, Inc.