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Municipal Lien Searches

Find out if there are any unrecorded property issues that an ordinary title search would normally miss.

What are Municipal Lien Searches?

What are Municipal Lien Searches?

Municipal Lien Searches are a search of a property primarily to locate any unrecorded property issues that ordinary title searches would normally miss. Lien searches will check for code violations, open or expired permits, unpaid property taxes, special assessments, and unpaid utility bills.

While the majority of municipal issues are generally not recorded in public record, they can create significant problems for new owners if and when they come to light. Finding these issues before closing ensures that the seller pays their debts and doesn’t pass the balances to the new purchaser.

What is normally included in my Municipal Lien Search?

  • Code Violations & Payoffs
  • Open & Expired Permits
  • Building Violations
  • Utility Balances
  • Real Property Taxes
  • Special Assessments
Municipal Lien Search Sample Report by Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service

Why Clear Choice

Owned and operated by its founder since 2004, Clear Choice is widely recognized as the most responsive lien search company. Partnering with your team to clear title, we provide quick turnarounds, with accurate, easy to read lien search reports.

Our main goal is to provide support to your closing process. We remove the wasted time and stress of getting a Municipal Lien Search back in time for closing. Our long-term client relationships speak to the fact there is difference in who you choose for you lien search provider. 

In Florida, 1 in 5 properties has an unrecorded issue.

unrecorded issues are usually found in over 50% of "non-distressed" properties.

Over 60% of new homes have code violations.

Why do title searches fail to report all municipal debts?

Title searches identify records and information in public record for a particular county. This means outstanding balances and open issues that haven’t been sent for recording would not be present at the time of a title search.

However, municipalities are not always required to place a lien while balances continue to accrue, quite often on a per diem. However, when finally recorded these balances will attach to the property, frequently after closing and transfer of ownership.

Why do title searches fail to report all municipal debts?

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“Clear Choice is our go to for all things tax and lien related. They offer exceptional service, timely response, and are always there when you need them whether it’s on a property they are working on or not.”

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Jason, Christine and Danny ARE THE BEST
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