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TurnAround Times

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Turnaround Times

It’s All About The Timing

The difference between having a successful closing and upset clients is all a matter of timing. Having the right municipal search company involved in your closing is essential in that timing. From the start, you get an accurate turnaround time that allows you to schedule your closing with confidence.

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service cuts the time of your lien search completion in every way. We do that by having same day processing of rush files, multiple courier pickups and deliveries, in addition to an invoicing staff that accurately summarizes the results as soon as they’re received.

Faster Completion Guaranteed

Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service uses every means available to get your searches to the municipality as fast as possible.

  • We maintain prepay accounts with cities / counties to allow rapid delivery and processing of your searches.
  • For those municipalities that do not have prepay, Clear Choice Tax & Lien Service expedites your results by use of couriers and overnight service.
  • Each service provider has a turnaround window in which to complete your file work.

By getting the search out correctly, and in record time, we can guarantee a faster completion of your closing paperwork.

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Faster Completion Guaranteed